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Cannes 2011 – Day Two

May 15, 2011

Thursday 12th May

Today was the first day of my 6.30am starts. I found it relatively easy to get up, but I think that was due to the lack of sleep I had already been having. I went to the Majestic hotel to pick up the dailys for the City Screen gang back at the flat. The dailys are daily magazines (hence them being called ‘the dailys’. Clever, huh?!) with reviews of the films, news of what’s going on and a daily list of what’s playing and where. The ones I get are Screen International, Variety, Cannes Market and the Hollywood Reporter. On the way back I picked up some fresh bread and croissants for the team to have for breakfast.

Everyone left the flat at 8am to queue for the 8.30am film which was ‘We Need to Talk About Kevin’ by Lynne Ramsay but I left at 8.30am to start queuing outside for the Palais so I could get the tickets. I reserve the tickets at 8am each morning on the internet, and then pick them up from the Palais at 9am. But I get the tickets for the next day, because I have to make sure I reserve them as fast as possible, before they run out and also because the first film of the day is at 8.30am, so I have to make sure people have their tickets beforehand. Once I’ve got the tickets, I give them out at either the morning meetings at 7.30am or the night before. I also take people’s orders at the same time. Sound complicated? Anyway, it was the first time I was reserving and picking up the tickets on my own and it all went well. I ran through the doors as soon as the Palais opened and managed to get to the front of the queue inside. I was walking out the Palais by 9.05am, score!

I met mum in the afternoon and we grabbed some lunch together. Then I met Sam Clements near the Palais and we went back to the flat to use the internet. Marc arrived later on in the day, so I made sure I was in the flat to let him in. In the evening, Chloe and I went to go and see ”The Kill List’, Directed by Ben Wheatley. It was the Palais I screen at 6pm. Sometimes when I walk out of a film, I get this thing where I feel excited and overwhelmed. My chest is warm, my mind is going at 100 miles per hour and I cant stop talking about the film. Thats when I know I have loved it. I felt like that when I walked out of The Kill List. It is a British film, inceadiably violent, commic book style. My first taste of gritty, fantasy voilence in a film was when I saw ‘The Killer Inside Me’ directed by Michael Winterbottom. I watched Joyce Lakeland’s (Jessica Alba) face get beaten in by Lou Ford (Casey Affleck). As bizzare as it may sound to some, I found it exciting and thrilling. The violence in ‘The Kill List’ cranked it up a few notches, and I have to say I loved it. Various things in the beginning implied, and perhapse foreshadowed the voilence that was about to come and it soon crept in. After some of the most shocking scenes a few people got up and left. They may of had other screenings to get to, or it may have just been a bit too much!

Pure feds!

Walking home from a resturant and saw this guy. Dog by his side and cat on his back. Yes, that is a CAT on his back. How cute!

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