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Cannes 2011 – Day Five

May 16, 2011

Sunday 15th May

6.30am wake up, dailys, bread and tickets. Today most people left the flat at 8.00am for the 8.30am screening of ‘The Artist’ directed by Michael Hazanavicius. After I got the tickets, I went to the supermarket, did some shopping, then came back to the flat to quickly do some name tags for the ‘Picturehouse Dinner’ we were having in the evening. Afterwards, I left the flat for the British Pavilion to do my blog. On my way down I popped into the restaurant where we were having the dinner in the evening, just to confirm the reservations. I blogged until 12.40pm, then went to meet Charlie to start queuing for the 2.00pm screening of ‘Martha Marcy May Marlene’ directed by Sean Durking. It was showing in the Debussy. I only managed to see an hour of it, because I had to run back to the flat to let people in who had just arrived. But what I saw of it, I really enjoyed.

By the evening Gabs, Deborah, and Chris had arrived. The meal was booked for 8.00pm, so I went down slightly early to arrange the name tags according to the seating plan. We all had a lovely dinner and evening, I felt shattered though! So afterwards I went home along with some others. While they did some work in the sitting room, I got into my p.j’s, lay down on the sofa with my blanket, put my headphones in and drifted off to sleep!

This one is for my Papa. Because his name is Paul.

Waiting for ‘Martha Marcy May Marlene’ to start.

Jo, making up her sofa bed for the night.

Mum found out Jo missed a screening that day and attacked her with a pillow at great speed. Chris joined in, with little persuation

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