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Cannes 2011 – Day Four

May 16, 2011

Saturday 14th May

Today was a day of ‘Cannes firsts’ for me. It was the first day I caved and had to have an hours nap in the afternoon, the first day I experienced Cannes rain (a short downpour) and the first time I had ever hugged a director while crying hysterically. The first time I’ve ever hugged a director for that matter.

I did my usual: 6.30am wake up, dailys, bread and tickets. Once I had done all my jobs in the morning, I wanted to focus on my blog and try and get it working, so I went straight to the British pavilion which has free WiFi. The pictures uploaded fine, which I was happy about. But, there were still a few things I didn’t understand. I went back to the flat and had my first nap. It was only for an hour, but I felt so much better afterwards. Then I met up with Sam Clements, to see if he could help me with my blog. He managed to get it working! But I had to start queuing with mum for a film at 2.30pm, so I didn’t have time to do my first post.

Mum and I got into the 4.00pm screening of ‘Michael’, directed by Markus Schleinzer, which was showing in the Lumiere. It was a great film, I really enjoyed it. But mum and I had to run out at the end So I could let Sara in the flat, who had just arrived. We left the Lumiere and it was pouring down with rain. I had been warned about Cannes rain, yet I had no umbrella on me. There where massive crowds of people all around, standing in queues, using their Cannes bags to cover their heads, not wanting to find shelter and lose their place in the queue. I wish I could’ve taken a picture, but there was no chance I would let my camera get wet, so I shoved it in my bag and ran up the hill with the flat keys held tightly in my hand. Once we were all in the flat I tidied the place up a bit and got ready to meet Charlie opposite the Carlton Hotel, ready for an 8.00pm screening of ‘Walk away Renee’, Directed by Jonathan Caouette.

All the rubbish men have these broom sticks with them. People say Hogwarts is in Scotland, hmmm….

Jonathan Caouette introducing his film, Walk Away Renee.

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