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Cannes 2011 – Day Three

May 16, 2011

Friday 13th (spooky!) May 2011

Up at 6.30am again to get the dailys and the bread. Then, during the breakfast meeting I dished out the tickets I picked up yesterday and took people’s orders for the following day. Most people left at 8am for the 8.30 screening of ‘Habemus Papam’ directed by Nanni Moretti. I got into the Palais at 9am and managed to collect the tickets smoothly for the following day. I also picked up some tickets from the Riviera, which is inside the Palais and home to most of the market stands, where a lot of the sales agents hang out. Then managed to have time to see a film. I saw ‘We Need to Talk About Kevin’ at 11.15am in the Salle Du 60 screen with 400 seats. The film was great and I enjoyed it very much. Although, I did feel the portrayal of the son, Kevin may have been slightly unrealistic. But, even so, it is a must see film.

In the afternoon, Lyn, Billy and Charlie arrived. Charlie and I met up with Jo and Mum and we got into the queue for ‘Arirang’ directed by Kim Ki-Duk. It was showing in the Debussy with 1068 seats at 5pm. After an hour of queuing we finally got in, although I have to say I’m not sure it was worth it! Mum and Jo left after an hour and me and Charlie, the troopers that we are sat through the rest of it. It felt incredibly long!

After seeing ‘Arirang’ I rushed home and tried to sort out my blog. I had been having problems with it since I arrived in Cannes. Firstly with the WiFi Situation in the flat, and then once that was sorted, every time I tried to upload a photograph, something called an IO Error would come up and it wouldn’t allow me do to it. I googled IO Error and gathered from the comments I read, that it was due to having a weak internet connection. So I began thinking of places I could go in Cannes with a good WiFi connection.

As I was getting nowhere with the blog, I decided to join Chloe in seeing ‘Being Elmo’. A heart-warming film about the guy behind the puppet Elmo from Sesame Street! Not only was it interesting, but also inspiring. A touching, feel good film.

After the film Chloe and I left feeling good and ready for the elevenfiftyfive/Little White Lies Party. It was a really good night, with free champers and chips. And it was on the beach, amazing! Then home by 1am and ready for my 6.30am wake up.

In the queue, waiting for the Palais to open at 9am

Queuing to see ‘We Need to Talk About Kevin’

The Salle Du 60 screen.


Using the Wifi in the British Pavillion. And spreading some peace.

A view from the elevenfiftyfive/Little White Lies party.

Cannes in a van!

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