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Cannes 2011 – Day Six

May 17, 2011

Monday 16th May 2011

6.30am wake up, dailys, bread and tickets. As soon as I got the tickets, I rushed off to the Olympia Cinema to see the 10.00am screening of ‘The Artist’. Charlie was already waiting in the queue, so we managed to get in fine. I absolutely loved the film. It is a silent film, in black and white and it is AMAZING! ‘The Kid With A Bike’ directed by the Dardenne brothers was showing in the same screen afterwards. So, as soon as I came out of the first film I met mum in the queue for the next one and went straight back in. I also loved ‘The Kid With A Bike’, a touching film about a little boy with no family, learning to trust adults when he gets a new start, even though he has been let down by them all his life.

After having such a good morning, I went to pick up some tickets from the Turkish Pavilion and then went to the British one to do some blogging. However, the WiFi was really, really, really slow and virtually unusable so I left to use the Palais WiFi, but I had the same problem there. I remembered Sam Clements telling me about a cafe with WiFi called ‘Coffee and Cookies’ so I went searching for that. I didn’t find it, but I did find another place, so I ordered a double espresso and started blogging.

I left around 4.40pm with my map in my hand and my laptop in my bag and started walking to the Gray D’Albion Hotel, where some of the screenings are. I started queuing outside the Gray 3 screen just before 5.00pm to see ‘Red State’ directed by Kevin Smith. There were only 45 seats, so I wanted to make sure I was first in the queue. After queuing for over an hour the Cannes official who was letting us into that particular screening decided to tell us that it had been changed to a buyers only screening. Which means you have to have a ‘buyers badge’ to be able to get in. So the queue of about 60/70 people, including myself, mostly with market badges where not happy.  I was irritated, but I knew that not getting into films was all part of Cannes. I went back to the Cafe with WiFi for another double espresso and some more blogging.

After an hour of blogging I ran back to the flat to quickly drop off my laptop, get changed and get ready for the Revolver BBQ up at their Villa. My first time in a Cannes Villa! Sara, Gabs and I met Mum and Chris at the Star hotel just before 8.00pm and we hurried round the corner where a car was waiting for us. We were driven up the hills, along the winding roads and after not too long we arrived. The Villa was amazing with a beautiful view and great swimming pool. The food was delicious and the company was lovely. I felt like such a lucky girl! We talked, ate and drank into the night and then where kindly driven back home. The car journey was hilarious, Gabs, Chris and I in the back, Sara and Mum in the middle, we turned up the radio and sang our way home.

When we got home, the gang did some late night work and I got everyone’s ticket orders. I grabbed my blanket and fell asleep on the sofa.

The the Olympia 5 screen. Where I saw ‘The Artist’ and ‘The Kid With A Bike’

Marc’s goodbye note, sarcasm or sinserity, you be the judge.

Business women! Mum and Sara, 20 years later and still sharing a bedroom, what went wrong!?

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