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Cannes 2011 – Day Eight

May 18, 2011

Wednesday 18th May 2011

6.30am wake up, dailys, bread, tickets. Today the morning screenings where: ‘Melancholia’ directed by Lars Von Trier and ‘The Conquest’ by Xavier Durringer. Once I’d got the tickets, I went back to the flat, did some shopping, cleaned up the place and then headed off to Coffee and Cookies to do some blogging. I met Mum just before 2pm for the 2.30pm screening of ‘Les Enfants Du Paradis’. It was our little treat together.

After that I ran back to the flat to let Paul Ridd in. He had come for the end of Cannes, to do the running for the last couple of days. Once he was in, I showed him the ropes, and tried to explain things to him as best I could. I remembered how complicated it all sounded when I first started! Then Paul, Mum and I went to go and see the 7.45pm screening of ‘Corman’s World’, directed by Alex Stapleton in the Brunel screen. Roger Corman introduced the film along with the director and Peter Fonda. We all thoroughly enjoyed the film.

Then, in the spur of the moment we decided to see the 10pm screening of ‘The Yellow Sea’ directed by Hong-Jin Na. It was showing in the Debussy. I have to admit, I fell asleep a few times during this film, but only because I was SO tired. However, I wasn’t able to sleep for too long, because I was constantly woken up by the incredibly loud and exciting chase scenes. And anyway, even if they hadn’t of woken me up, the fierce air con would have. Most of the screenings I had been too where cold, but this one was freezing. I shivered my way through the film till 1am, and then I was finally able to head back to the flat to have some late night soup. I snuggled up on the sofa, finally able to feel warm again, I drifted off to sleep, ready to get up at 6.30am and show Paul where the bread shop was.

The guys at the Majestic Hotel.

Entrance to the flat.

‘Le Enfants Du Paradis’ being introduced in the Salle Du 60 screen.

Roger Corman, Alex Stapleton and Peter Fonda.

‘The Yellow Sea’ being introduced.

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