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Cannes 2011 – Day Seven

May 18, 2011

Tuesday 17th May 2011

6.30am wake up, dailys, bread, tickets. The 8.30am screening today was ‘Le Harve’ directed by Aki Kaurismaki. Once I’d left the ticket office in the Palais, I finally found the cafe ‘Coffee and Cookies’. I had an espresso and used the WiFi for an hour or so, then went to go and pick up some more tickets from the Pathe Suite in the Grand Hotel. After that, thanks to Wendy Mitchell who is Head of News at Screen International, I went to the Majestic Hotel to visit their suite, where all the gang behind Screen International where working. Considering I grab 3 or 4 copies of Screen International every day, it was interesting to go behind the scenes and see how it’s all done. It seems like hard work.

I left around 2.30pm and went to the Star cinema to see 3.30pm screening of ‘The Future’ directed by Miranda July. The film is Picturehouse Entertainment’s next release. A great film, that you should see! It has a really great cat in it too. Here are the details on IMDB Once the film finished, I got straight back into another queue for the 5.45pm screening of ‘Polisse’, which was also showing in the Star cinema, directed by Maiwenn. The film has received a lot of mixed reviews, but I have to say I enjoyed it, despite it feeling like a TV series merged into one.

I got home at a reasonable time, had some dinner and got comfy on the sofa. I think I got over 6 hours sleep, hurrah!

Living out of a bag….

The Daily’s inside the Majestic hotel.

Wendy Mitchell.

In the Star 4,

The Star 2.

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