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Cannes 2011 – Day Nine

May 19, 2011

Thursday 19th May

Today was the last day that I was responsible for getting the bread and the tickets. It suddenly hit me that it was all coming to an end, which was very upsetting. But anyway, It was Paul’s first day and he would be in charge of getting the bread and tickets tomorrow, so he came along with me to see what goes on first hand.

As the super-manic part of Cannes had come to an end, things where starting to cool down and there was less running around to do. The morning screenings today where ‘La Piel Que Habito’ (‘The Skin I Live In’) directed by Pedro Almodovar and ‘Hara-Kiri Death Of A Samurai’ Directed by Takashi Miike. Mum, Paul and I went to a 9.30am screening of ‘Play’ directed by Ruben Ostlund. After this, there were some more tickets to collect from the Palais and from Pathe. I then went to the Coffee and Cookies to do some blogging. After a couple of hours I sprinted off to the Star Cinema to see a secret screening of ‘The Source’ directed by Radu Mihaileanu. I really enjoyed this heart-warming film. It is centered around a determined young girl, who won’t put up with any more laziness from the men in her village. After finally persuading the other women in the villiage to go on a ‘love-strike’ with her, many complications arise and the possibility of the men changing their ways seems a distant one. This feel-good fairytale will not disappoint! Oh, and as if that isn’t enough, the film also looks beautiful. Shot in Morocco, the desert landscapes, rich earthy tones and raw sunlight all contribute towards making this film a treat for the eyes. This film will be released next spring by Picturehouse Entertainment. Here is a link to the trailer:

After the film had finished I darted back to the flat to get changed for the premiere of ’The Skin I Live In’. Mum, Paul and I where all going together and I was really excited. Unlike the sloppy premieres of London, the films actually start bang on time in Cannes, so we were very eager to get there.

We all got in fine. But as we got in our seats, I realised my camera battery was low! So after the film I ran back to the flat in my heels to grab my spare, fully charged battery, then hurried back down to the Palais where Mum and Paul where patiently waiting. Once that was sorted I was relaxed again and ready for the party!

I thoroughly enjoyed the film and the party afterwards was also amazing. We ate some of the lovely food and sipped on the endless glasses of champagne. Mum and I met Pedro Almodovar which made us giddy and star stuck. Along with so many other moments in Cannes I felt truly happy and grateful that night. As we left the party we were handed a goody-bag equipped with a bottle of Jean Paul Gaultier perfume. Bliss!

This is Fred, who I got the Tickets from every morning. Lovely man.

Pedro Almodovar!

Me and Pedro Almodovar.

Mum and Pedro Almodovar.

Jean Paul Gaultier.

Pedro Almodovar and Faye Dunaway.

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  1. Fred permalink
    May 21, 2011 1:18 pm

    I think the guy with the tickets is quite handsome 🙂 It was great meeting you. Do keep in touch!
    Our ticket office closed today, everything hasbeen sad since yesterday as all the Market stalls quickly disappeared.
    Anyway, i’ll keep an eye on your blog,

    your personal ticket assistant….

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