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Cannes 2012 – Day six

May 21, 2012

I think it’s safe to say that the weather in Cannes right now is pretty grim. Having packed no rain proof clothes, I’ve spent most of today wet, cold and tired (the latter having nothing to do with my poor choice of clothes). But then again I remember I’m in Cannes and the smile reappears on my face.

On the bright side (ha) Ive seen two excellent films today, both considered to be difficult to watch due to their subject matters. ‘Love’ directed by Michael Haneke, tackles the topic of growing old and death, as the film watches an elderly couple and their struggles as the husband takes care of is ill wife. I very smug straight afterwards when I announced that I didn’t shed a single tear while watching the film. However, I think the woman serving me at the Nesspresso Bar in the Palais got a bit of a shock when she turned around to hand me my coffee and saw my eyes had welled up like an overflowing water bottle (still didn’t cry though, call me robot). Definitely a hard one to watch first thing in the morning, especially when sleep deprived!

The second film, ‘The Hunt’ by Thomas Vinterberg had me on the edge of my seat. I must admit, I went into the screening not knowing anything about the story line, which is the way I would recommend watching this film, my stomach was in knots as the plot thickened. It had me thinking about it, and running though every detail on my walk back to the apartment.

Due to the weather I haven’t been too inspired by the scenes in Cannes today, grey photographs aren’t really my thing. Although, seeing crowds of people flocking down the streets with all different kinds of umbrellas is quite an comedic sight, if only my camera was waterproof eh!?

Bad weather aside, Team Picturehouse are all heading to the elevenfiftyfive/Little White Lies party tonight. Should be able to get a few good shots!

Live jazz band, pretty cool.

DJ Dave!

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